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Hot Off the Press - Selected New Titles Added to the Collection

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Law Practice Management Collection—Fall 2015

Alternative Fees for Business Lawyers and Their Clients (ABA). This essential guide addresses how large firm, small firm, and solo lawyers can implement and evaluate alternative fee arrangements in transactional matters. Includes real case studies of business lawyers and firms successfully using alternative fee arrangements to deliver value to both the clients and the lawyers.

Alternative Fees for Litigators and Their Clients (ABA). With the increase in the use of non-hourly fee arrangements by lawyers and the demand for those arrangements by clients, this guide is a must-read for attorneys who want to know how to implement and evaluate alternative fee arrangements in litigation matters. This book will help you to: understand alternative fee structures, evaluate the potential financial gain (and risk) of using alternative fees, effectively price legal services, and successfully transition to alternative fee arrangements with sample letters, checklists, and forms.

Audits and Other Accountants’ Services: A Handbook for Lawyers (ABA). This handbook provides a broad overview of the context of an audit, what and how an auditor tests, assuring the quality of an audit, what the auditor’s report means, and other alternatives to audits offered by accounting professionals.

Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance (ABA). Written by a highly respected business coach and experienced attorney, this practical guide is geared toward helping overworked and harried lawyers shape their practice in a way that is most fulfilling to each individual. The authors provide real-life examples and offer many tools, insights, and ideas for implementing sustainable change in your life.

Connecting with Your Client: Success through Improved Client Communications Techniques (ABA). With client satisfaction and cooperation becoming increasingly important to a lawyer’s success, this practical guide explores the key communication tools and techniques essential for all lawyers to apply in their day-to-day legal practice to get new and repeat business.

Flying Solo: A Survival Guide for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer (ABA). Whether you are thinking of going solo, are new to the solo life, or a seasoned practitioner, this comprehensive and practical guide will help you establish and maintain a successful solo law practice. Topics covered include choosing the right practice areas, creating a business plan and determining your fees, developing and executing a marketing plan, and gaining clients through social media.

The Good Lawyer, by Douglas O. Linder and Nancy Levit. Oxford University Press, 2014. K115 .L56 2014.

The Lawyer’s Field Guide to Effective Business Development (ABA). This concise guide provides indispensable tools for both seasoned and young attorneys who are interested in winning and retaining long-term, profitable clients in an increasingly competitive and changing legal market.

Lawyers as Leaders, by Deborah L. Rhode. Oxford University Press, 2013. KF298 .R46 2013.

Personal Branding in One Hour for Lawyers (ABA). Find out how to stand out from the competition by developing your own personal brand to get jobs, promotions, clients and referrals. Written by a personal branding expert and experienced attorney, this short guide will explain how attorneys can highlight their unique talents and abilities, manage their perceptions, and achieve greater success as a lawyer in the process.

Smart Marketing for the Small Firm Lawyer, with CD-ROM, by Kenneth Vercammen. American Bar Association, General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division, 2014.

Storytelling for Lawyers, by Philip N. Meyer. Oxford University Press, 2014. K181 .M49 2014.

Succeeding as Outside Counsel (ABA). In this new legal environment where several alternatives exist to the traditional means for delivering legal services, the best lawyers pay attention to the customer service aspect of the lawyer-client relationship and the client’s entire experience, rather than just getting them the right answer. In this book, you will learn how to understand the client’s needs, add value as outside counsel, manage client expectations, improve the manner and substance of your communications with clients, and create a business development plan to attract new clients by addressing the needs of the clients.

Survival Guide to Implementing Effective Law Firm Management Strategies (ABA). With a special focus on small and mid-sized firms, this guide’s five parts on culture, planning, partnerships, management, and finances, will provide you with the groundwork and policies to create a positive law firm environment and business success.

Tomorrow's Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future, by Richard Susskind. Oxford University Press, 2013. K120 .S87 2013.

WordPress in One Hour for Lawyers: How to Create a Website for Your Law Firm (ABA). If you are a solo or small-firm lawyer and don’t have a website, this short and easy-to-read book will help you get your website up and running quickly using WordPress, utilize search engine optimization techniques so people will be sure to find your site once you create it, and ensure that your site adheres to the ethical rules that lawyers must follow for marketing.


Summer 2015:

California Drunk Driving Law (James Publishing). The latest edition of the popular and comprehensive two-volume guide on California DUI law contains hundreds of creative decision-based defenses, several cutting-edge practice tips, and custom-drafted forms. From arrest to punishment, and additional charges to DMV hearings, this guide will appeal to both newer attorneys seeking a basic overview of the law to more experience attorneys looking for more detailed analysis on scientific issues and trial tips. 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Family Law (Thomson/Reuters). This fundamental guide is a good starting point for a broad overview of the legal aspects of marriage, divorce, adoption, custody, parentage, surrogacy, assisted reproduction, and other family law issues as they relate to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Pro bono Service by In-House Counsel: Strategies and Perspectives (Practising Law Institute). An essential guide for in-house corporate counsel as to why pro bono services should be undertaken; how pro bono programs should be structured; examples of pro programs from various companies including American Express, Intel and Microsoft; lessons learned; and tips for service providers, lawyers and clients. 

Miller's Standard Insurance Policies Annotated (West). A collection of almost 198,000 annotations to state and federal cases, which have interpreted 100 standard property and liability insurance policies and more than 1,000 endorsements. For each annotation, the text indicates whether the insured, insurer, or a third party prevailed on the coverage provisions. Annotations are arranged by policy and section number, jurisdiction, and date to enable a user to quickly locate caselaw analyzing a coverage provision. The handy “Miller’s Index” includes thousands of references to each form by name, coverage provision, topic, word, or phrase. Online access to this guide via WestlawNext is available at the Law Library. 

Federal Habeas Manual: A Guide to Federal Habeas Corpus Litigation (Thomson/Reuters). Practical habeas corpus litigation guide covering relevant topics such as jurisdiction, expansion of record, the Teague Rule, affirmative defenses, successive petitions, and the relationship between habeas corpus claims and § 1983 actions. The manual is organized in a way to help users quickly find answers to their habeas questions: controlling legal standards are identified, recent case examples illustrate how habeas doctrines are applied by the courts, and related legal doctrines and issues are cross-referenced. Online access to this guide via WestlawNext is available at the Law Library. 

Internet Law and Practice (West). Written by more than three dozen attorneys, this comprehensive two-volume treatise covers all major practice areas relating to the Internet, including starting and managing an online business, intellectual property, free speech, and security. Online access to this treatise via WestlawNext is available at the Law Library. 

Law of Professional and Amateur Sports (West). This comprehensive four-volume treatise covers traditional legal topics such as contracts, torts, and workers’ compensation, as well as more sports-specific topics such as eligibility and disciplinary rules, and player-agent regulation. Each chapter has been written by an expert in the particular area of law, and includes relevant case law, practice-oriented insights and advice, and sample forms. 

Fundamentals of Sports Law (West). A good overview of sports law in a readable and concise one-volume book. This practice-oriented guide emphasizes the areas of sports law that most frequently arise in the daily business routines of lawyers and sports professionals, such as torts and constitutional law. Online access to this guide via WestlawNext is available at the Law Library. 

U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Handbook (Thomson/Reuters). In this updated 2014-2015 edition, current naturalization procedures, forms, and recently enacted legislation are covered in-depth. Starting from the filing of the application, this comprehensive step-by-step guide will take you all the way through admission to citizenship. Online access to this guide via WestlawNext is available at the Law Library. 

Legal Practice Implications of the U.S. National Health Care Plan: Overview and Analysis of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid (Thomson/Reuters). Designed to be a practical resource for attorneys whenever issues are raised about the Affordable Care Act, this book begins by examining how the ACA’s implementation and development has evolved and affected individuals and organizations since 2010, and how the resulting reactions of these individuals and organizations have given rise to the legal practice issues of today. In addition to covering the legal practice implications of the ACA, the possible changes in Medicare and Medicaid are evaluated and responsive strategies are presented.

Handling a Probate: Here's How and When to Do It (CEB Action Guide). Step-by-step guide for handling a probate in California, from collecting estate assets to distributing the estate. Includes sample forms, Judicial Council Forms, and judge’s perspectives. Online access to this guide via CEB OnLaw is available at the Law Library.

Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability: Getting & Keeping Your Benefits (Nolo). This handy and easy-to-read guide will help you apply for, receive, and maintain Social Security disability benefits, or appeal a decision denying disability benefits. All forms and worksheets in this book can be downloaded via our catalog by following the link “Connect to forms…” 

The California Landlord's Law Book: Evictions (Nolo). This step-by-step manual for California landlords takes you through the whole eviction process from preparing a notice to the tenant to collecting a money judgment after winning your unlawful detainer case. All forms in this book can be downloaded via our catalog by following the link “Connect to forms…” 

Clearing a Path for the Unregistrables: Enforcement of Trademarks That Cannot Be Registered (Gilson on Trademarks). In this seventeenth article in a series written primarily for the Annual Meetings of the International Trademark Association, the author examines the interesting question of whether the Lanham Act provides protections for trademarks that were never registered, cannot be registered, or are no longer registered.

The Lawyer's Guide to Records Management and Retention (ABA). A must-read overview of records and information management for all lawyers, especially those with a solo or small practice. Fully revised and updated to reflect the realities of today’s practice, this guide will help lawyers understand the practical and ethical reasons for adopting a workable strategy for records information management and information governance, devise solutions and strategies to manage a law office’s records, and select the best software and electronic records management tools.

Spring 2015:

Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions (Nolo). Useful guide designed to help you get the most out of the retirement and medical benefits to which you are entitled, including: Social Security (both retirement and disability based), Supplemental Security Income, veterans benefits, civil service benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, and Medigap insurance. Also available for free online through the Nolo Legal Information Reference Center. 

Make Your Own Living Trust (Nolo). A handy do-it-yourself guide to help you create your own simple living trust that will avoid probate and transfer property after death. All the forms and worksheets you need to make a basic living trust and will are included in this book and can also be downloaded via our catalog by following the link “Connect to forms…”

How to Form Your Own California Corporation (Nolo). The first part of this guide will help you decide whether a corporation is right for you by explaining the laws and tax requirements, and the second part provides step-by-step instructions on how to incorporate your small business in California. All the articles, bylaws and other forms you need to incorporate are included in this book and can also be downloaded via our catalog by following the link “Connect to forms…” 

Effective Direct & Cross Examination (CEB). A practical guide on effective witness examination by top trial attorney John W. Keker and the late William A. Brockett. Topics include: strategy and tactics, experts, depositions, examination of jurors, and mastering trial skills. 

Fair Debt Collection (National Consumer Law Center). This comprehensive two-volume treatise covers the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as other federal, state statutory, and tort remedies for debt collection claims. The appendices include thousands of unique case summaries of reported and unreported FDCPA cases by category; checklists for debt collection claims; and sample complaints, discovery and other litigation tools. 

Consumer Class Actions (National Consumer Law Center). Nuts and bolts guide for handling consumer class actions, from pre-filing evaluation through distribution of class benefits. Includes sample pleadings and forms, as well as detailed analyses of the Class Action Fairness Act, state class action rules and case law. 

Student Loan Law (National Consumer Law Center). This treatise focuses on assisting clients who are having trouble with repayment of federal student loans, and discusses in detail the primary cancellation, repayment, bankruptcy, and other options available to challenge government collections efforts and help borrowers get out of default. Also includes one chapter on private student loan debt, which has more limited options than federal loans. 

Copyright Law: A Practitioner's Guide (Practicing Law Institute, 2nd ed.). Concise one-volume guide covering the fundamentals of copyright legislation, recent case law and the role of the Copyright Office. Includes topics such as ownership and transfer of copyrights, fair use, and criminal copyright infringement; and useful practice aids such as checklists, decision trees, and flowcharts. 

Administering a Single-person Trust after Settlor's Death (CEB Action Guide). Step-by-step guide on how to administer a single-person trust after the death of the settlor from preparing for the first client meeting to preparing for the final distribution. Includes sample documents to illustrate the administrative system described in this guide. Online access to this guide via CEB OnLaw is available at the Law Library. 

Handling Real Property Sales Transactions (CEB Action Guide). An essential guide for an attorney representing a buyer or seller of residential or commercial real estate on how to advise a client at each stage of the transaction, from hiring a broker through post-closing due diligence. Appendices include sample purchase agreement and other related documents. Online access to this guide via CEB OnLaw is available at the Law Library.

Chief: The Quest for Justice in California. Oral history of former Chief Justice Ronald George chronicling his extraordinary life and accomplishments during his 39-year career on the bench. Described in detail are some of his most famous cases, from the Hillside Strangler case to the California Supreme Court’s 2008 landmark decision in In re Marriage Cases that opened the door for same-sex unions.

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